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  1993 The advent of the first Liulin harvester
  1994 Foundation of Liulin Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd
  2007 Liulin was recorgnized as well-known trade brand
  Oct 2008 Zhejiang Liulin's fifteenth anniversary celebrations
  Dec 2008 Zhejiang Liulin product won the "Zhejiang Famous Brand"
  Feb 2009 All employees held a New Year ceremony
  Mar 2009 Participate in the first exhibition of Zhejiang agricultural machinery exhibition, Held at Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center 
  Apr 2009 Participate in the fifth Jiangsu Province Agricultural Machinery Exhibition
  Apr 2009 The first time to participate in the 105th China Fair
  May 19th 2009 The vice minister of the Ministry of Agriculture Machinery Testing Head Office, The vice chief of Zhejiang Province Agricultural Testing Department and other leaderships visited Liulin Company for a investigation.
  Aug 2009 Liulin product won gold medol "China sixty years Agricultural Machinery Industry Exhibition "
  Dec 2009 Zhejiang Liulin Technology Co.,Ltd groundbreaking ceremony, located at Binhai industry area Taizhou
  Jun 2010 Zhejiang Liulin R & D center has been identified as "provincial research and development center."
  Oct 2010 Zhejiang Liulin company was identified as "high-tech enterprises."
  Dec 2010 Zhejiang Liulin company held a national supplier conference.
  Apr 2011 Participated in National Agricultural Spring Exhibition (At Shandong Weifang)
  Jun 2011 Liulinwas identified as "well-known firms in Zhejiang Province,"
  Aug 2011 4LZ-5.5H large swath efficient full-feeding combine harvester was identified as the provincial first  sets
  Oct 2011 Participate in the largest domestic scale exhibition National Agricultural Fall Fair (At Zhengzhou)
  Nov 2011 Liulin company organized a national distributor commerce annual meeting, the number of people participated in is up to 600, including more than 360 dealers from all around the country 
  Jan 2012 Liulin company held a national supplier conference at SanYou International Hotel in Taizhou
  Feb 2012 Groundbreak of the second building of Liulin Technology Co.,Ltd
  Apr 2012 National Agricultural Spring Fair ( At Changsha)
  July 2012 Efficient and large 1GZ60  crawler joint conservation tillage machines have been identified as first set product in Zhejiang Province
  Sep 2012 National Agricultural Fall Exhibition (At Shenyang)
  Dec 2012 Held a suppliers national annual meeting  in Haikou
  Jan 2013 According to the company's development strategy and the actual operation of the company Liulin started the "Standardized Management System" from January 1, 2013
  Apr 2013 Liulin's "Annual 20,000 sets combine harvester" projects was identified as provincial key projects